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Church Planter Assessment Scholarships
The Church Planter Assessment Scholarship is available to assist with the increasing number of potential church planters interested in the Antioch experience. We are planning a routine of as many as four church planter assessment weekends in 2015. In our urban context over 75% of the potential church planters can afford church planter assessment fees. 50 assessments @ $300 = $15,000.  Partner with Antioch and give to building healthy churches. 
Antioch Top Tier Assessed Church Planter Grants
Customized start up grants for Church planters who have been positively assessed in the Antioch Church Planter Assessment process. Average $24,000 for 4-5 planters $120,000. 


Innovative Church Planting Grants
Church planting grants for non-traditional church plants/planters in the form of customized one time grants or grants over time depending on the work. $25,000 used among as many church plants as possible. 


Antioch Institute Scholarships
As a part of the over-all Antioch Experience, the Antioch Institute represents a farm system for future church planters and church plant- ing teams. It has been observed that there are regularly potential Institute students who have tremendous poten- tial but can’t afford even the smallest of fees. $20,000 of the church planters and church plants will be very im- portant going forward. $60,000 


Increasing Administrative Support Cost
Operational support for the Church Planting center and the Institute has increased. Hosting cost associated with multiple new networks. Clerical support to insure financial ac- countability with partners and supporters is important. It is also important to maintain an atmosphere of respect for the confidentiality of those who apply and partici- pate in the Antioch experience. Tracking the activity 


Promotion & Advertising Cost
In addition to print, radio, and verbal promotion; maintaining a web presence is a 21st century way of connecting with potential students and church planters. Launching and maintaining a top quality web site for the Antioch Experience is major priority. $2,500
Anticipated 2015 Antioch Experience Cost - $242,500
Seeking Partnership Financial Support - $150,000 
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Rev. James Dixon, Jr.

Director of Antioch 



Fort Washington, MD

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